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We are determined to live out the goodness of God on Earth.

Who are we? We are game-changers, play-makers, box-breakers, and risk-takers. We are a global family of visionary practitioners, poets, preachers and pioneers. We are sons and daughters. We are blessed to be a blessing, loved to be lovers, freed to be liberators, and called to rise above the status quo.

And this is what we believe: Every follower of Jesus, by default, is part of God’s trajectory of restoration. This mission requires active participation as we become the incarnation of love in a broken world. Being fully equipped by the Holy Spirit, we are united with one purpose expressed in infinitely diverse vocations. We are convinced God’s mission is simple, collaborative, and within arm's reach.

So this is how we choose to live: We embrace inconvenience, listen deeply, honor all, and live generously. We focus our energy locally yet still engage globally. We open our hearts, homes, and lives to all people in courageous acts of hospitality. When we gather we eat well, we pray expectantly, and we learn scripture. We will leave our communities better than we found them. We will promote peace, pursue unity and protect the vulnerable. Last but not least we seek God’s kingdom before our own.

We hereby declare a new era in which these are our defining characteristics. An era in which we will shape culture together as an unstoppable surge of ordinary people. Through faithful presence and collaborative obedience we will see God’s kingdom come here and now.

We are a global family of lifestyle missionaries.


The Tribe is in the process of building an online network (a "global family" if you will) for lifestyle missionaries around the world. Whether you want to find new like-minded friends in your city (or across the world), or gather a group of lifestyle missionaries to start a community house or a missional team, the Tribe Community will make it easy to find others who share your passion for being love and light wherever you are.

To register, please enter your details here and we'll alert you as soon as the BETA version of the online Tribe Community is ready to launch!

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