What is Restorers Discipleship Training School?

Restorers DTS (Discipleship Training School) seeks to equip people of every age, nationality, and gifting to impact their community with the transformational love of our Father. We desire to see people come into their identities as radical world changers; whether that be in their universities, their jobs, or in a country across the world.

We believe that we have the influence and power to restore hope to the hopeless, bring healing to the broken, and return the lost back to a Father that loves them more than we can fathom. The Lord has given us a calling and the means necessary to renew a fallen world. Join us as we become the Restorers we were meant to be.

our strategy

    God wants to restore your heart, mind, emotions, identity, relationships, and purpose. To the ways in which He originally designed them to be. Not for your own gain and satisfaction but for the sake of restoring His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. We’ve worked overtime to make sure you have the right mix of speakers to speak on a range of topics to assure optimal learning.

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    Being an agent of restoration means being placed in places that need it. Be ready to pack your backpacks and serve your heart out by...Restoring dignity to people caught in trafficking. Restoring literacy to the illiterate. Restoring pure water to diseased filled wells. Restoring homes to the homeless. Restoring all hearts, minds, souls, families, neighborhoods, cities, spheres of society and nations to the original purpose God had created them for!

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    This last month is what makes Restorers DTS unique from any other DTS. We will debrief the past five months of training and help you discover where God is calling you to live and function as a restorer. Our goal is to send you to every area of society with an understanding that you’ve been called there not only to be employed but are placed there strategically in God’s design for His mission. It is a great chance to also be a part of the YWAM community as more then a student but as a intern as well as taking time to reflected and be coached in your next steps.

Topics Covered

The Stuff You've Always Wanted To Know!


Who am I? What is my calling? What are my giftings? We'll help you discover the answers to these questions and more.

The Bible

In a world looking to be a part of a greater story, we'll teach you how to read & study the greatest stories found in this ancient text.


It's people that Jesus gave his life for and He intends for you to be able to have relationships with others after his own heart.

Prayer & Worship

Prayer and worship is more than an event its a lifestyle. We'll guide you into a life that is fueled by prayer and lived as worship.


God sent the son. His son sent the spirit and all three of them have now sent you! You'll discover a life of joining Jesus on His mission.

Nature and Character of God

Who is God? Is the OT God the same as the NT Jesus? Is He everywhere? We'll take time to ask the pressing questions about our God.

Spirtual Warfare

Life's battle is not just against flesh and blood and we'll help you recognize the battle of the enemy in your life and find victory.

Father Heart of God

God is not like your father. No matter how good or bad your father is, he was not like God. We'll encounter our heavenly father together.

Listening To God

God is always speaking, can you hear Him? We want to help you recognize the voice of God and his spirit in your life.

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"“The world is more malleable than you think, and it's waiting for you to hammer it into shape.”"

– Bono

Meet Our Ministry Director


Born in LA. Raised in Seattle. Resides in Hawaii. Foodie for life. Movie buff. Jet-setter. Coffee enthusiast. Game junkie. Extroverted introvert. Party planner. DIYer. Verbal Processor. Lifestyle missionary. Restorer. Wannabe photographer. In house chef. Mom of two. Wife to one.

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"A ‘restorer' envisions the world as God meant it to be and then actively
works towards mending its brokenness in the name of Jesus."

– Gabe Lyons

we are restorers

  • January 2017 Dates
  • April 2017 Dates

Lecture | January 5 - March 29
Outreach | March 30 - May 30
Remix | June 1 - 29

Language | English

Lecture | April 6 - June 29
Outreach | June 30 - August 30
Remix | September 1 - 29

Language | Bi-Lingual Korean and English
Lecture Phase
Outreach & Remix
$4500 - 5000.00

*Outreach price is dependent upon location.